Benefits Wastage Analysis 

Benefits Review Survey

Employee data. Please download our <spreadsheet here>. Also, please complete the survey below. Thanks!  **Please upload all documents below using our secure DropBox file link.

We need a copy of your benefits booklet or coverage summary. We want to examine every little coverage in detail for you. Often in the fine print, and definitions we find gaps, risks and opportunities for you. We will also benchmark your plan design against your industry peers to see how competitive your plan is. This is crucial in the competitive job seekers market we are currently experiencing.

We need 2 to 3 years of billing history. This data will be compared against your claims to uncover any wastage, gaps and risks you may not know about.  Here’s specifically what we’ll require:

1. current billing statement

2. billing statements from your 2 previous renewals

Please send full statements as we need data from all pages.

Contact your Account Manager at your Carrier (not your Advisor), or log into to your admin dashboard and generate your claims experience report. We need 3 years of history please.  Also, if you have an EAP program, please provide us with a 3 year utilisation report.

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