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flexible employee benefits canada

Benefits are Broken! But They Don’t Have to Be.

Faster recruiting, better talent. Increased employee engagement, higher productivity. It’s what you want your employee benefits to help you with.

But typical benefit programs are designed to process claims, not transform your business.

Therefore, our BRAGGABLE Benefits platform will give you the ROI, you’ve always been looking for, and if reducing costs is important to you too, we’ll deliver that to you as well.

Why Canadian Employee Benefits are Broken

Premium Wastage

82% of businesses that connect with us learn that they are unnecessarily overspending on benefits because they aren’t in the right structure or plan design. 

Benefits Go Unused

61% of employees don’t use the majority of the coverage being offered in traditional programs. Employees want and need personalised, flexible options that help them be proactive.

Lack of Plan Member Education

Let’s face it, who reads the benefits booklet and can understand the nauseating legal terms of the coverage? To top it off, employees likely don’t fully know the value of what’s being provided for them.

Poor HR Technology Integrations

Multiple portals for payroll, benefits, time-off requests costs time, creates errors. These processes need to be streamlined for a modernised approach.

How We Fix Employee Benefits & Make Them Braggable.

Remove Plan Design Wastage

Our “wastage analysis” identifies your plan design gaps & financial risks. 

myBenefitsBuddy Plan Member Communication Tool

It’s a gamechanger in creating a braggable employee experience.

Free HR Technology that Syncs Payroll, Benefits and HRIS

We streamline benefits, HR & Payroll, and become your Plan Administrator.

Free Financial Wellness

We provide FREE financial wellness for all of our clients.

Free Braggable Employee Benefits Playbook

Increase your employee loyalty, engagement and productivity. Solve mental health, financial anxiety and the “no ROI” for benefits scenario.

What Our Clients are Saying

Sean Raible

Principle Consultant, Game Plan Total Rewards Inc.

Tyler brings a very welcomed voice and varied solutions to the employee benefits space- from being transparent on costs/fees/commission, to designing benefit plans that truly align to the needs of staff and the business. I highly recommend employers who are looking to take their benefits offering to the next level (in this ever-competitive war on talent) that they speak to Tyler for a second opinion. You will not be disappointed!

Liza Baggio

President, Matisse Day Spa

Tyler took a good look at our benefits utilization rate over the last several years and found significant wastage. Our previous broker was not servicing our small business plan in any way leading to significant unwarranted cost increases. We are very happy working with OnPoint.

Todd McCann

CEO CamDo Solutions

We’re very impressed! OnPoint’s marketing is unique, being the perfect balance of progress but not pushy, and fast but not too brief, and what’s really great is this continues to be the trend with their service once you’re onboard. They are unbiased and genuinely want what’s best for your company. Highly recommended talking to Tyler!

Choose Your Path


We Have Benefits

We’ll provide you with a Benefits Wastage Analysis which includes a competitive peer-group benchmarking report. It’s the first step in modernizing your employee benefits strategy.


We Need Benefits

Not sure where to start? After learning your needs and understanding your business, we’ll guide you through the process and provide you a proposal that will deliver an ROI.


We Need HR, Payroll & Benefits all in One Place

Wishing your payroll, HRIS and benefits all spoke to each other? We can streamline your administration, reduce errors, and put much of your HR process on autopilot.

Our Latest Thought Leadership on Group Benefits.