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Getting the Best [Braggable] Benefits is Easy!

There’s lots to navigate when exploring group health benefits for the 1st time. We offer the best small business group insurance in Canada.

We’ll design your benefits program to be braggable so it has a realistic shot and delivering on the promise of “attracting & retaining” top talent for you.

Traditional programs fall flat on an underwhelmed experience. Not only will your employees rave about your benefits, we’ll show you how to get an ROI all backed with an amazing service offer packed with value. 

The Process 

Book a Discovery Call with Tyler Hoffman, Our President and Create a Possibility!


Formulate Strategy

Generate Quotes

Final Design & Implementation

hybrid benefit plans canada

1. Consultation Phase

Our  Role:  To understand your business needs, direction, challenges, culture and values.

Your Role: To evaluate service offers. Base your decision on who your Benefits Advisor will be based on:

  • culture fit
  • performance
  • technology integrations
  • service offer (where they add value)

…then start getting quotes.

2. Strategy Phase

Our Role: Your discovery call with us will provide us everything we need to design a program, and conduct peer industry group benchmarking so we can make your plan competitive.

Your Role: Consider doing an employee engagement survey, or a group benefits survey to gain isnight. We have these ready for you and are complimentary.

3. Quoting Phase

Our Role: To request quotes from Carriers that can best deliver on your benefits strategy. There’s not “shotgun” approach here at OnPoint! We aren’t going to generate 30 quotes and show you the cheapest. The OnPoint difference is bespoke benefit plan designs, aligned with your business needs.

Your Role: Focus on rate guarantees and trend loss ratios before rates. We’ll educate you on these finer details of employee benefits as they each play a role in the long term cost containment of your benefits program.

4. Final Design & Done!

Once we finalise the plan design, we’ll handle the enrolment process, and design all employee communications for you to socialise the new program with your staff. We’ll also a benefits launch session (in person or virtual) and hold Q&A sessions throughout the year so your staff have the support.

Enhanced Service Offer

We encourage all clients who are looking at benefits to first decide on a service offer that provides the most value, as this is where Benefits Advisors, Consultants and Brokers differentiate themselves. 

Value Added Services

Typical Brokers

Plan Member Perks (discounted house insurance & mortgages, online Will preparation, ultra low fee investing platform, nutrition coaching, gut health testing, travel discounts, local restaurant deals and more!)

ProHealth Plan Design (coverage that allows your employees to be proactive in their health & claim less)

myBenefits Buddy (chat, text, email support on all benefits questions)

Discounts on Collage HR (sometimes FREE), and Rippling HRIS

Free Employee Financial Wellness

Payroll, Benefits, HRIS Integrations + Payroll Outsourcing

Start a Benefits Quote Right Now!

There’s lots to navigate when exploring group health benefits for the 1st time. We’ll guide you on a path that leads you having your employees experiencing meaningful coverage, which helps their health/wellness proactively, and makes them more productive – giving you an ROI with long term cost containment. Sound good?!


Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What providers do you work with?

We have access to the vast majority of employee benefits, wellness, EAP and group retirement programs. Once we have a discovery call, we’ll be able to design your plan with your needs in mind.

What do benefits typically cost?

 A better way to address the benefits proposal process is to think about how much you want to spend per month, on a per employee basis. Here’s a quick article to help you get off on the right path.

What kind of coverage do you offer?

What kind of coverage do you need? We design plans based on what your organisation needs to keep your specific employees healthy and engaged. We don’t put benefits or coverages in a box. During our discovery call, we’ll uncover what’s important for your program.

Aren't all Brokers the same, why should we consider OnPoint?

Brokers generate quotes and sell on price, and might monitor the plan for you. OnPoint is a benefits consultancy, who understands the total rewards space. We rely on understanding your company, use data to benchmark your plan and have software programs built on A.I. to uncover risks. Benefits (health, wellness, retirement savings), and the technology to deliver benefits, is all we do. When you engage us, we’ll share our full service offer to showcase more of you get by working with a firm like ours. You’ll be surprised at the amount of value we provide!

We've looked at the Chamber's plan, and like the concept of the "pool." Do you have something similar?

In a pooled program, like the Chamber’s plan; you’re either being subsidized or subsidising other businesses claims. Yes, pooled programs generally help keep premiums smooth and for many small businesses pooled programs are ideal. There are many different pooled programs. Let’s make sure you’re in the best one. So yes, we have access to several programs!

Are EAP programs really worth it? Do they work?

As part of our “better wellness” focus, we help assess the mental wellbeing aspect of benefits. EAP’s are a relic from the past and we have some wonderful ideas and programs we can explore that will offer immediate access (no hoops to jump through) for your staff and provide lasting, meaningful results. Let’s upgrade your mental wellbeing support. EAP is employee assistance program.

Do you help with group retirement savings plans?

Absolutely, we have a neat concept we’d love to share with you on how we integrate these into your program. Ask us about it. Whether you’re looking to have a matching program, offer it as a voluntary plan or want a full pension style program we can source the best options for you and handle all of the governance associated with these types of programs.

How do we get started?

Send us a message, book a discovery call or fill in the quote request form and we’ll respond quickly.