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The Meaningful EAP Alternative

Top Wellness Questions We Get Asked

We’re changing the game on how benefits are being delivered across Canada.

We have an EAP now, how does this differ?

With typical EAP programs, employees can sometimes encounter hurdles to connect with a Health Professional.  Maple is instant and the health history is maintained providing congruent care.

We have a "teledoc" service now, how will this be different?

Maple encompasses both primary care (teledoc services) and mental health counselling. Your employees will have 1 source of truth for all their medical and mental health support, and their “medical file” will travel with them so they have better continuity of care.

Can employees use counsellors out of the Maple "network?"

Yes, referrals can be made. However, using the Maple network will provide your employees with lower costs sessions, saving them money.

Get Online Care, Counseling or Therapy by Text, Audio or Video Immediately

No appointment necessary. Simply select the topic you’d like to discuss with the therapist.

The consultation cost is typically covered by health benefit plans.

You can book a visit at a time that’s most convenient for you. Or, you can choose to speak with someone as soon as possible — you’ll hear back from the therapist directly in 12 hours or less.

If the therapist isn’t able to help based on the details of your request, they’ll let you know in advance, and you won’t be charged.

You can speak with the therapist through text, audio, or video depending on what feels most comfortable. Many benefit programs cover the fee for a consultation with a therapist on Maple (MSW RSW or RP). 

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