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The average business wastes countless hours managing their people with spreadsheets.


Be better than average.

Customers who use Collage HR to manage their employee data save time, save money, look more professional and deliver a superior employment experience to their team.


Maintain all your employment records online in one place with Collage HR. Collect and store employee onboarding information, e-sign documents, track job and compensation information over time and more. Ditch the paper forms and start managing your employee data with a dynamic, intuitive HR system.

Time Off Management

Time off Management
Manage everything about vacations, sick leave and more using Collage HR. Employees can log-in and request time off dates, and managers can approve or reject in a click. Our platform will automatically calculate employee balances and accruals based on custom rules you set up for your company.


Performance Reviews
Collage enables you to collect better employee performance data with significantly less effort. Our platform has a variety of performance modules that will change the way you manage your team — from 360 degree reviews to employee surveys to goal tracking and more.

Benefits Admin

Benefits Plan Administration
With Collage, you can sync your benefits plan with your HR platform — meaning you’ll never have to touch an enrolment form or do double data entry again. Employees can complete their enrolments in our platform during their HR onboarding, and all the data will be synced to your benefits provider.


Recruiting (Applicant Tracking System)
Collage makes it easy to manage a recruitment process for new hires. Set up a custom job board with your brand on it in seconds, and start posting jobs online. When employees apply, Collage collectes their aplication information and enables you to sort candidates through customized interview funnels.


Custom Reporting
Great companies use data to make better HR decisions. With Collage HR, you can access a wide variety of out-of-the-box reports, or you can create your own with our custom report builder. Our reports are sortable, filterable and exportable into excel or csv formats.

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