Benefits Are Broken. But They Don’t Have To Be!

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Top Benefit Questions We Get Asked

Do I have to switch providers to get savings?

Not at all, our first goal is to identify where the wastage is happening and then identify options.

Why do you need billing statements to conduct a 2nd opinion or review for us?

Billing statement show trends, because they correlate to claims. They also allow us to see if you have any financial risks that have never been disclosed to you. The statements will show us where and why wastage is happening.

We're in a pooled program right now, so if we leave wont' we be taking on more risk?

In a pooled program, like the Chamber’s plan; you’re either being subsidized or subsidising other businesses claims. Yes, pooled programs generally help keep premiums smooth and for many small businesses pooled programs are ideal. There are many different pooled programs. Let’s make sure you’re in the best one.

Aren't all brokers the same, why should we consider OnPoint?

Brokers generate quotes and sell on price, and might monitor the plan for you. OnPoint is a benefits consultancy, who understands the total rewards space. We rely on understanding your company, use data to benchmark your plan and have software programs built on A.I. to uncover risks. Benefits (health, wellness, retirement savings), and the technology to deliver benefits, is all we do. When you engage use, we’ll share our full service offer to showcase more of you get by working with a firm like ours. You’ll be surprised at the amount of value we provide!

How do we get started?

Send us a message, book a 7-minute call or fill in the quote request form and we’ll respond quickly.

Our EAP doesn't really provide the value, what options are there?

As part of our “better wellness” focus, we agree with you, EAP’s are a relic from the past and we have some wonderful ideas and programs we can explore that will offer immediate access (no hoops to jump through) for your staff and provide lasting, meaningful results. Let’s upgrade your mental wellbeing support.

Do you help with group retirement savings plans?

Absolutely, we have a neat concept we’d love to share with you on how we integrate these into your program. Ask us about it. Whether you’re looking to have a matching program, offer it as a voluntary plan or want a full pension style program we can source the best options for you and handle all of the governance associated with these types of programs.

Client Testimonials

“Tyler brings a very welcomed voice and varied solutions to the employee benefits space- from being transparent on costs/fees/commission, to designing benefit plans that truly align to the needs of staff and the business. I highly recommend employers who are looking to take their benefits offering to the next level (in this ever-competitive war on talent) that they speak to Tyler for a second opinion. You will not be disappointed!”


“OnPoint has been incredible to work with. Tyler made setting up benefits easy and stress free for our business and always responds right away!”


“OnPoint was able to find a perfect solution when other brokers were coming up short. The onboarding and service was handled with professionalism.”


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